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"You Can't Handle The Truth!"

A lot of times in my business, I have had to go to people for help.

I need them to tell me the truth even though it sometimes hurts.

Some people charge a high price to tell others the truth and in this world, the truth is hard to find among people who are constantly being ruled by emotions.

The truth can hurt the ego.

Don't let your ego keep you from your growing process.

When a management team gets a bruised ego and they aren't healthy, they will take it out on their team.

This reduces employee retention, kills your business' culture, and may run off your best employees.

How do you guard against this?


You need to have people around you that you are accountable and submitted to.

These people don't have to be business partners.

I use my father-in-law, my business partner, my pastors in my church, and my wife.

They have permission to call me out and hold me accountable to what I say that I believe.

I believe the Bible is truth. That is the standard that I hold myself to.

Those people will pull me aside and have a conversation with me if my emotions get the best of me.

When these people tell me the truth and it hurts, I will put aside my ego and pay attention to what they are saying.

Why am I posting about this?

Most business people aren't accountable to anybody and they power trip. Some business people need to be accountable to somebody.

This is why people will pay coaches, counsellors, etc.

When this post comes back into your mind over the next week or so, don't ignore it. Find a community that you want to be a part of. One with a standard that will keep you accountable.

I use The Giver Marketing Network. It's a group of people that want to improve the world through great business connections. I recommend checking it out.

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