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How Legacy Innovative LLC was Born

I was happily working for the company for a year and a half. In this time a lot of personal stuff happened, Jessica and I got married was the chief among them. One of the things that happened is that I was asked to see if there were any other areas that we could trim costs for the company that Janine and I worked for.

So I went through everything about the call center that I could and I found that by adjusting some scheduling policies as well as terminating some expensive contracts, we could save over $4,500 a month. One of the contracts that we had to terminate was the contract with our call center. They still needed a call center, but that one was too expensive, so they asked Janine if she would open a call center and they could use her company as their customer service team.

Legacy Innovative LLC was born.

Janine didn't want to run a business by herself, so she asked me if I would be willing to step in and help her run the business. Janine and I then became partners to make this company successful.

We had a steep learning curve at the beginning and we continue to have that steep learning curve. We do customer service, this is what we are good at. Neither of us know sales or marketing. Our process consists of prayer, listening to what God tells us to do, and obeying. Sometimes this means hiring somebody to help us in an area that we are deficient in. Sometimes God shows us ways to solve problems that we would have never thought of on our own.

One thing that we have been told is that morale is always low in customer service. We don't accept that. When a person knows that they are cared about, that they aren't just a number or name on a page, then they make a difference in their work. We do this by coaching them, not only in work skills, but in life skills. We want to launch our team in their dreams! Nothing, and I mean nothing, will bring morale higher than showing people that you not only care about their work, but also their personal lives.

Our Mission is to build impeccable business reputations for our clients by providing their customers with top notch customer service. We do that by building amazing customer service representatives that love their jobs. In doing those two things, we will build a Legacy that will outlast anything that Janine and I will ever do with this company.

When you hire Legacy Innovative LLC as your customer service team, you are not only making a fantastic business decision, you are helping empower people to their fullest potential and by doing so, we believe it’s making the world a better place! This is what we are about at Legacy Innovative LLC.

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