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Getting amazing businesses the strategy and appointments needed to scale

Setting Appointments with Strategy

Start with Strategy

An appointment booking service is useless without understanding the business, their clientele, the proper use of scripting, and the strategy leading up to the phone call to book the appointment

You can spend thousands of dollars a month  booking appointments with cold leads and getting as little as 2 meetings booked in 1,000 calls. Don't laugh, we've seen people do it. Most times those two bookings are hit and miss on whether they show or not.

We stopped offering people that. It's not what they need. They need qualified hot leads followed up by a great script offering the potential client immediate value.

Want the expert in scripting strategy and coaching? Look no further than Joel Thiessen of Legacy innovative LLC.

We are not interested in bad strategy, but in something that actually works. If you are interested, let's...

Joel Thiessen, the Co-Founder of Legacy Innovative LLC, your 3PL and Customer Service Solution

Joel Thiessen

Brandon Manusov, CEO of My Product Developer, a happy appointment setting client of Legacy Innovative LLC

The real value in the relationship is you, Joel...


You're probably doing better than I would do at this point on the average call.

Brandon Manusov, CEO - My Product Developer

Logo for Legacy Innovative LLC, your 3PL and Customer Service Solution

Using Thumbtack for Leads

We found that with Thumbtack, the leads you get are suited directly for you and with our Thumbtack appointment setting strategy, you are being set-up for sales success. The strategy is designed to qualify the appointments and set you up as the expert. This makes the sales call a lot easier when you get on the phone. If you want to know more, click here
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