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Your details don't matter!

Well, your details do matter, but not if you don't have a story attached to your details.

We all know those amazing people who tell stories with so much detail that the story should be only 3 minutes, but it takes them 15 minutes to tell it. In the same vein, we've watched those movies that took 2.5 hours to run, but probably should have been a 90 minute movie. These are examples of drawing out the attention needed for a story. We may love the people telling the stories, but they aren't great stories.

But what if they are great stories. They just provide too many details.

The story-teller has something to do with the story.

You have a great story. I know you do.

If you own a business, you have a story. Your story is filled with adventure, risk, setbacks, and massive wins. If you don't have that, you probably don't own a business or at least you definitely didn't start it or are in the day-to-day operations of it.

I love American Football.

I watched a documentary called Welcome to Wrexham. It was a great documentary where Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney bought a football team.

Not American Football either.

I wasn't interested in soccer. I found it boring and although the players were talented, I didn't find it fun to watch.

What they did have was fantastic story-tellers. People who knew what created a compelling story.

They didn't tell the story of the Football Club, Wrexham AFC. They told the story of the people who were impacted by the club.

I never cared about the football until I first connected to and cared about the people around the club.

Now I track games, listen to the games online, and even buy jerseys when I can find them available.

What happened?

I fell in love with their story, then fell in love with their team, then purchased their products.

So what is your story?

Who is crafting your story?

Who is telling the story of the people who you have been affecting?

When those stories get told, your merchandise will sell. You may not even be able to keep it on the shelves if done right.

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