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The Invisible Foundation of Every Great Brand

Most people, especially start-ups, disregard this.

What is it?


Start-ups are all about shifting.

They are trying to figure out what their niche is, which is good.

Your business model can change, and it should change, no matter what size of a company you are.

What shouldn't change are your values and customer service processes.

They can change, but not often.

We don't want to be like a squirrel constantly shifting processes and values.

I read a study that said that squirrels lose about 25% of the nuts they hide.

When you are constantly shifting, you will lose agents as they can't keep up with you if you are constantly shifting.

Not only that your customer service agents can not be consistent, so you will lose clients as well.

Your customer service team needs to know what you believe in and what is most important to you.

This is why we create a customer service manual that has your processes and values in it before we take you on as a client.

For any agent to succeed, they have to be set up for success.

What does this look like?

This looks like a PDF that has your mission statement, your values, your offerings, your processes, and everything else in it.

This not only sets your current customer service team up for success, it also makes it super easy for a person who has great customer service to jump into your team and get caught up to speed really quickly!

What does this look like?

We walk you through it in our free short book that you can find here.

Consistency is key, the tools that we offer at Legacy Innovative LLC are great, but if you are constantly shifting as your attention gets grabbed like a squirrel the tools aren't going to help much.

Any tool just amplifies the good or bad that you do.

We can have great agents and have them trained in how to do amazing customer service, but if you aren't consistent in what you want the team to do and how you want them to serve your customers then you might only improve a little bit.

If you have any questions about customer service, our manuals, or just want to connect I would love to talk to you! Email me at

Let's set something up!

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