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Reputations that bring clients!

What is your reputation?


When you talk to your clients what do they say about you?

What does Google say about you?

I was talking to my friend Oz about putting my wife's art on a hat and he made a recommendation for a company.

This company's quality is absolutely amazing, but their customer service sucks.

I didn't use that company.

You may have the best reputation in one area and be absolutely abysmal in the other area.

The abysmal will always shadow the fantastic when it comes to reputation.

When I was doing email marketing, I worked with a company trying to improve their reputation.

They were 2.5 stars on Google.

They were a fantastic company and I loved them personally, but their reputation made a lot of people not want to subscribe to their program.

Lastly, Bud Light...

Need I say more.

From 1st in Beer sales in 2022 in the United States to 14th in a matter of 6 months.

Your reputation is valuable.

Here is a hint...

Email your clients and ask for a review. You may want to include a link to your business' Google reviews page.

If you don't ask people for reviews, you will never get it.

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