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Nobody wants to talk Customer Service

Honestly, neither do I.

Nobody wants to do customer service, either.


That is where we differ.

Our team loves customer service.

Unless we have complaints, but that offers a different challenge that we love.

When they do there are some things that you should know. did a study that said that after a bad customer service experience, 91% of your clients will leave before ever leaving a complaint.

They aren't happy and would rather leave you than confront you.

The same study says that 47% will just switch brands, 40% just will not recommend you to their friends, and 33% will only contemplate switching brands.

Yeah, customer service is important, but nobody wants to talk about it.

So here I am to talk about it.

It's important.

We train our agents on how to make sure that doesn't happen to your company.

According to (I just really liked the questions they asked) They asked what great customer service looks like and this is what they came up with.

  • Friendly and knowledgeable staff

  • Resolves issues in the first interaction

  • Customers don't have to repeat themselves

  • Gets information without contacting customer support

If you don't have these four things, your customer support might need help.

You won't get these on absolutely every call, but you should be these on 99% of the calls

Except the last one. That one will never actually get to you.

How do you get your team to do this? (aside from hiring Legacy to do it for you)

It's about setting your team up for success.

It's about hiring the right people

It's about continuously training the right people.

It's about Fostering an online community.

This is how you get amazing customer service so that you are on the right side of the surveys.

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