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Navigating the Automation Age - Where Automation Meets Empathy


Have you ever been on the phone with an automation trying to find out an answer yet unable to? Even then you can't get to an actual person!

I hate this, but I also know why companies do it.

You probably do too.

💰 Money. 🤑

🤖 Automations save money, but what is the cost of those automations to your customer service?

Your customer service team is amazing.

Automations are supposed to save your customer service team time and stress, but they are not supposed to replace them completely.

We work with this company that has an automations expert.

He is amazing! ( 🤖 Youssef I'm looking at you)

❌ Even he understand how frustrating it is for a customer to only have automations.

❌ But it is just as frustrating to have no automation and be transferred to three different people before getting to the right one.

These Automations or AI are intended to help direct your call so that another person wouldn't need to. This would save the company money and then the company would take those savings and pass them on to the customer.

This was the original intent. This saving of money is necessary to provide cheaper overhead, which means less expensive products.

How does this affect you ❔

⚔ You are looking for a competitive edge over your clients.

This combination of customer service and automations is it. 🤖 ➕ 👨

When you are looking for an automation, you are not looking for it to replace your staff, but to allow your best staff the ability to handle the most difficult calls.

AI and automations handle the simple tasks before it even gets to the agent. This can cut down the calls expected by agents up to 75%.

Automations will save you money, but agents are needed to continue doing amazing customer service!

Picture your customers calling your service number, or hitting up your live chat. What does that look like to you?

This picture is what you need to have clearly in mind when setting up your team.

When you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there. is what the song says.

Cut down your clients rage by having great customer service and amazing automations.

What do you want your customers to feel when in a live chat or on the phone with your company?

If you don't have a clear thought of what that needs to look like, let me know. I would love to walk you through some things to think about when it comes to your customer service process!

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