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Where do I begin?

The Beginning

I was talking to a friend about story yesterday and we were talking about how powerful a story is to people. I also realized that I didn't tell the story about how I got into Legacy Innovative LLC. I thought, "I'm in charge of the blog, this is the perfect space to tell a story!" So here it goes this is how I went from being a door-to-door salesman to partner in a business.

This story starts in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I was working for a business called Global Faces Direct. We were a door-to-door sales team finding monthly donors for non-profits. We worked for Sick Kids Hospital.

The year was 2020 and I had just gotten through my very first Canadian winter as a door-to-door salesperson. Going door-to-door in the excruciating cold (around -40 degrees) asking people to donate money to a charity wasn't my thought of a good time, but it was paying the bills..., mostly. The job, honestly, wasn't the greatest, but the people I worked with were fantastic.


March, 2020, Covid struck North America making everybody fearful that they were all going to die and door-to-door sales people were the first to go. We were told that we would have 2 weeks off from work until they flattened the curve. My roomates both went to be with their families as they preferred those people in their bubble and there were a lot of people living in fear.

I'm not an extreme extrovert, but after 2 weeks of being by myself in my apartment, I was going crazy. I had read all of my books and were strating to listen to podcasts just to have some sort of human interaction. I started to go crazy. My only company was God. Him and I got very close during this time.

One of my friends told me that there was a homeless shelter in downtown Toronto, The Scott Mission. I was told that they were going to close down, not because of lack of funding, but because of a lack of people to work the shelter. The staff were too scared to come to work as they thought that they might die.

I thought about it for less than a minute. I would rather die serving the homeless than by myself in an apartment in Toronto. If COVID was going to kill me, and they were saying that it was going to kill everybody at the time, I wasn't going to stay still waiting for death. Lucky for me, COVID wasn't near as deadly as they said it was and I started my new job at the Scott Mission in Downtown Toronto.

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